Organic matter volume reduction machine


The world’s only machine that can decompose organic matter into molecule level
Greatly reduce the volume by molecular process→ Extend 10 times of the available capacity landfill final disposal site. The reduction ratio is theoretically 0.5% maximum.

Zero emission of CO2
Dioxin will not occur too.

Medical Waste compatible
The molecular process eliminates the pathogenicity of medical waste. All the bacteria, viruses will decompose in the process.

Ocean waste compatible (Earthquake rubbles also)
Organic matter that contains the salt will cause the chlorine which will damage the furnace when it is incinerated. However, “e-Stone” does not cause burning, it can be processed together

Decompose FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
Can decompose the plastic portion leaving over glass fiber ( FRP is impossible matters to decompose by incineration).

Low-Cost Operation
Exothermal reaction gives us the low-cost operation



  • Adopted OPsuperheated steam system
  • Capable of largely reducing waste biomass and its kinds (about 75% to 80% reduction)
  • Capable of largely reducing food biomass and its kinds (about 93% to 97% reduction)
  • No need for segregation. Simple cutting is sufficient (any type of biomass)
  • Capable of high-temperature carbonization (700〜800℃)
  • Realized carbon fix rate of 80% or more (complete inorganic carbon).
  •  Full automatic control, ample test data, analysis data.