LED Vision

High resolution thin film LED vision for with the world’s smallest chip!

The thinnest light bright in the world!


  • High definition of micro tip 2.0mm (pitch 6, 3mm)
  • Visibility with high brightness 11,000 nit
  • Ease of installation and minimum unit
  • Good cost performance
  • Skeletop type lineup
  • Unified management can also correspond to individual USB

Utilization as information device

Utilization of optical ID

Received the ID signal of digital signage display equipped with LED light source instantaneously with a smartphone. It is possible to convert any information such as traffic guidance and an introduction of shops and products into the language corresponding to the owner and it is possible to provide it.

Supports security (corresponds to inbound)

Optimization of record and position and time information of personal attributes and actions

As an inbound correspondence, multilingualization service by collaboration between LED and smartphone

Example of Installation

LED Vision

Land Art